Dear Olivia,

Tomorrow we finally get to meet you.  I want  you to know a few things before we meet:

1. Your big sister Talia has a journal that I’ve been keeping for her, and I’ll certainly do the same for you.

Olivia Dessi

I want you to look back and read about what was happening in your world at different times in your life. I also want you to understand my perspective and to understand that I love and support you no matter what.  My penmanship is horrible – I’m sorry. I’ll try to be as legible as possible :-)

2. You where (are) unequivocally wanted.

There was never a moment where you weren’t loved, needed, or wanted.  Your mother and I tried to have you for almost a year. We are blessed that you’re entering our lives. We love you already.

We tried, and tried.  Then one day we stopped trying  and you decided that was the right time to come to us.  Your timing was perfect.  We had almost given up hope. While one year may not sound like a long time, I’m sure that at some point in your life you may reflect on a year that may have seemed longer than others due to forces that may have been out of your control.  This was one of those years for Mommy and Daddy.

3. You’re loved. 

Your first cousins Morgan, Sophia, Julia and Luke can’t wait to meet you.  But the most excited of them all is your big sister Talia. She rubs Mommy’s belly and tells you how much she loves you.  She reads to you at bedtime, and she is decidedly excited to teach you all manner of things. You may not believe this at certain times in your life, but she is your biggest fan/supporter. I promise.

4. Daddy loves you. 

Two sisters are a powerful duo. Talia and Olivia Dessi will be scholar athletes.  Leaders, winners, gentle, kind and aspirational individuals in their community.  Stay close to your sister. She is your flesh and blood. She will understand you more than most people. She will guide you. She will be your best friend. Trust her, and embrace her guidance. You alone can do anything. The power is within you. Together, you can change the world.

5. I believe in you.

I can’t wait to see what you contribute to our society.  I can’t wait to see how powerful you both are together. You are my girls. You will always remain as my girls. There is nothing in this life that will ever make us part, and I will forever be in your corner. I will guide you, respect you, and teach you. I will learn from you, and love you every moment of your life.  I will always believe you, and believein you. I will always be there for you. Always. 

This is one man that will never, ever break your heart. Ever.

So Olivia. It’s now 11:47pm on December 27th, 2010. You’ll be with us tomorrow at this time.  Today I can say that I know this for certain: My life will be better with you in it.  And I truly, wholly and completely cannot wait to meet you.

With all of my love.


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