I’m an avid reader. It’s the best way I know to “sharpen my axe” and continuously improve. Last year I read 40 books. Included among them is a favorite that I’ve read three times already. Carol Dweck’s Mindset: “The New Psychology of Success.

In her book, Carol outlines the distinction between a Fixed Mindset vs. a Growth Mindset.

Those with a Fixed Mindset believe that intelligence is static. They avoid challenges, give up easily, and see effort as fruitless. They also ignore useful feedback and feel threatened by the success of others.

Those with a Growth Mindset approach things differently. Mindset and enthusiasm will change the game – not only for you but for everyone around you.

1.    Believe you can develop intelligence.

If you believe that you can improve, then you will seek knowledge from all corners of your world. If you believe intelligence is static you will have the desire to look smarter than you are.

2.    Embrace Challenges:

Because you know that you’re a work in progress you embrace rather than avoid challenges. You may fail at first, but you realize that you’re learning and growing in the process. If you have a fixed mindset you will avoid obstacles at all costs.

3.    Persist:

You persist in the face of setbacks. You know that if you give up easily, you’re only cheating yourself.

4.    Effort is the only path to mastery:

Because if you see effort as fruitless. Perhaps you’re no longer enthusiastic about your work, then you stagnate.

5.    Learn from Criticism:

If you ignore useful criticism, you’re robbing yourself of improvement.

6.    Learn from those who have succeeded before you.

If you feel threatened by the success of others you will plateau early and never meet your full potential.

Whichever mindset you choose, it will confirm your view of the world. You choose.

I choose growth. I hope you do too.