Last  year I compiled an ambitious list of 100 things that I was grateful for.  I did this just before Thanksgiving with the intent to only list a few things, when the floodgates opened.  This experience was eye opening, and taught me two things:

1. There is always SOMETHING to be grateful for

2. Life is better when you take a minute to acknowledge those things 

Just after I made my list last year, my father became ill. This year, he’s doing much better, and I can easily say that having him around and healthy is at the top of my list this year.  But Thanksgiving came and went and I realized that I’d slacked on posting my list.  So today I want to provide a short list that may, in some small way get you thinking about what you’re grateful for.  Start small, and after a few minutes you’re going to realize that things are much…much better than you think. I promise.

  1. My wife Laura
  2. My daughter Talia
  3. My unborn daughter
  4. My family
  5. My business partner Anthony Zarro
  6. My (real) friends
  7. The opportunity to be on television and talk about the business I love
  8. Being an entrepreneur
  9. Being able to tell the people I love that I love and cherish them
  10. My free will

I’m going to leave this years list at a short 10. I think if you reference my list from last year, you can see that many are the same.  If you have something you’re grateful for, I’d love to hear about it.  Nothing is more powerful than gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.