Don’t be a Twitface; Stop Syncing Tweets with Facebook Statuses

People are generally lazy. I understand this. We’re human.  But there’s one place where I have to insist that we kick the need to cut corners. Please walk away from the dreaded Twitter/Facebook status “sync”, avoid the want for speed, and just take a minute to update both our Twitter and Facebook statuses separately.


We all love being able to update one social media network and have said update roll through to all of our profiles to share with everyone, on every social network we happen to be on what were up to.  I get this.  But it has to stop.  It’s not that much effort and it will make all the difference. I promise.  Recently I’ve been reading too many status updates on Facebook that I know were meant for Twitter. You know how I know? Because it wasn’t in English, it was in Chirpish (hmm, that’s a new one)… I’m seeing way too many RT’s, @, and # symbols flying across Facebook Newsfeeds…


If you’ve been on Twitter and taken more than a tertiary glance you certainly understand that there are unwritten points of etiquette.  Acronyms rule and appropriate passing of information is expected.  An interesting link must give credit to the source.  I love this, as do many of you that read this blog. The issue is that not all of your Facebook friends have caught up, and will undoubtedly think you either have no idea how to type, or you’ve completely lost your mind.

Imagine what it may look like to Facebook friends when you find a link to a great article, so you re-tweet. Although, since you’re an avid Tweeter, you don’t stop there. You add your own 2 cents at the close of the 140 characters, add a # sign to indicate the subject you’ve just re-tweeted: it may look something like this:

Now imagine you’ve never been on Twitter, you have no idea what RT stands for (Re-tweet; or essentially passing something on that was not originally Tweeted by you, rather someone you follow and you want to share), and you see that silliness in a Facebook status….what does “@”mean? What’s RT?  Is that a link?


Think of it this way;

Facebook is a house party with mostly family and friends with a token few people from the office that might get your family jokes every now and again.

Twitter is the office party where some family is invited, that may get your work jokes every now and again.

You change your tone, topics, and intonation in each social situation, right?  You should do the same when thinking about status updates, and Tweets. Now do you see my point?

I’ll leave you with a simple request. If updating your Twitter account and your Facebook account separately is too time consuming and If you’ve thought of a gem, I’m ok with a good ole’ copy and paste, but please for the love of Twitterdome, and for the fun of Facebooking PLEASE walk away from the status synch.