How Pandora Radio is Leveraging the Power of Twitter: A Case Study

On December 13th I was working away, listening to my ipod when I realized that I was sick of my music.  I decided to check out the servicePandora.

Immediately I was hooked.  So hooked in fact that I tweeted about the service just moments after I started using it. I was blown away by the concept of not having to pay for amazing music that was catered to my tastes.

My love of the Pandora service isn’t what tipped me off regarding adding this post.  Its the simple idea that Pandora the organization is listening.  After I sent the above tweet, I was shocked to see the following Tweet:

Pandora Tweet

A Pandora employee named Aaron tweeted out the following message: “Welcome Chris! Enjoy the music – Aaron”

Not only was it apparent that Aaron is listening, he also responded to my tweet to his over 50,000 followers!  Powerful stuff.

I didn’t spend a dime with Pandora, but I love the service. Aaron responded to me, and I tweeted a response to my almost 6,000 followers. Now I’m blogging about my experience which will be in front of my hundreds of facebook friends, regular blog readers, and of course Twitter followers.  By simply listening Aaron has created a ripple effect for his brand Pandora.

Good for Pandora, good for me, and now, if you’ve never heard of Pandora – good for you – check them out; Pandora.

Over and Out.