Social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one.

I’ve been writing a book for the past five months. The book was called “Start Now” and offered detailed accounts on how to engage in social media. I gave advice on how you can find your dream job, market your product or market yourself. I wrote 14 chapters, hired an editor, and then scrapped it all two weeks ago. I started revising my book, because a simple truth dawned on me. None of the advice that I was giving would work if the reader didn’t understand that social media is a digital extension of human beings.  That the explosion of social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one. Social Media

You must understand that Social Media has nothing to do with a specific company or technology.  Social Media will not die if Facebook dissolves tomorrow. There will still be social media if Twitter sends its last tweet.  Human beings make social media powerful.  Social media is our collective unconscious.  Social Media is our digital spirit.

Wash it all away, take away the platforms, the dashboards, the branded color schemes, the technology and what do you have?  You have humanity.  Take away the strategy, the tenants of marketing, the etiquette of social media, the unwritten rules for “engagement”, and what do you have? Again,  Humanity.

At our core we all know this is true.  We know that when our friends write a status update on Facebook that is pure, from the heart and spontaneous, it has the power to make our hearts pound and faces blush.   We also know that when there is a lack of truth in this environment we can feel it just as if we were sitting across from that person.  We can feel the status update.  We get tickled by truths that are shared.  We become emotional at proclamations of truth.  We latch onto those who we see as leaders. Those who are tapped into this collective unconscious and who function at a higher level have trouble replicating their successes for others because they do it naturally. It’s like asking a professional football player “how many strides, cut backs, and leaps will it take for me to score a touchdown just like you?”…it doesn’t work that way.  You need to understand the goal, trust your ability, and the “how” will unfold in front of you.

We are all connected.  

What makes a concert better than any other?  There are certain subjective aspects of music that can make it good or bad, but mostly the experience, and then energy the power of the music happens on live stages, and moves us.  How many times have you seen people moved to tears while listening to live music?  What is that?  It’s the truth that we’re all connected.   We can feel each other when we’re all firing on the same frequency. Those that can tap into this river of human energy are those who are most successful in life.  Those who can tap into this river are also those who understand the way social media works the best.  They conduct themselves appropriately because they don’t know any different.

Now that you know the truth about social media, I need you to trust me.  This works, I promise. For you to get the most from social media you need to let go.  Let go of your preconceived notions of social media.  Get the Facebook blue out of your mind. Erase the Twitter bird, and fail whale. Open yourself to humanity.  Open yourself to the collective unconscious of social media.   Open your heart, and enjoy this ride.

I hope it rings true for you.  I also hope you read my book. I still haven’t discovered a name for it. But I’m excited by the idea of it.  At it’s core is the idea that social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one.  I also tell you how to properly market your product :-)

Over and out.