8 percent of Online Americans use Twitter

8 percent of Online Americans use Twitter

About 7 days ago Suzanne Choney of Technolog on MSNBC posted some interesting findings regarding American’s use of Twitter. I have a tendency to focus most of my blogging energy these days on Facebook, so after reading Suzanne’s piece I thought I’d throw a little love toward my favorite micro-blogging platform. The reality is that I use Twitter just as much, if not more than I use Facebook. I’m certainly a “power-user” of both technologies, but the stats that Choney posted were fascinating.

Clicker & Facebook: The Future of Television?

Today Clicker, the complete guide to internet television announced that it will integrate with Facebook to further enhance it’s recommendation engine. This is a pivotal announcement for Facebook. Just another step toward the true vision that Mark Zuckerberg has for Facebook. Enhancing your life by knowing what your friends are doing. Zuckerberg feels (and I agree) that the internet can be a lonely experience. Individuals are bouncing from one site to the next on their own. As these sites further integrate Facebook how much more rich and fulfilling will this experience be if you know what your friends are doing there as well. When I logged into Clicker it showed me a list of my friends that like shows I love like 3o Rock – how cool is that?

Social Media Brand Managers: 5 Things You Need to Know About New Facebook Profiles

Yesterday I read on Mashable that the new Facebook Profiles was launched. I immediately decided I would give it a try. I also noticed yesterday via my Facebook Newsfeed that our friends over at Likeable Media conducted an impromptu survey of their over 14k followers regarding the new profiles. It seemed that the majority of the comments were negative, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t surprised. Partially because every time Facebook rolls out a new release the Facebook faithful tend to grumble. But mostly I realize that most people think about how these changes effect themselves, and not how they effect the manner in which brands engage with their fans on Facebook. Obviously the Facebook team is trying to enhance the user experience, and I think they accomplish that with new Facebook Profiles, but the real story here, in my opinion is what the new Facebook Profiles does for brands engaging in Facebook.