Transcript:Your15minutes Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Transcript:Your15minutes Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Tomorrow evening I’ll be participating once again in Blog Talk Radio’s – Your15MinutesRadio show. I’ve been piecing together the transcript for my show thinking of ideas, and trying to determine exactly what I’ll be talking abut, when I though it would be helpful to post the transcript from the first show – enjoy!

What I’ve Learned:

In Esquire magazine they have a section dedicated to something called “What I’ve Learned“. This is my favorite section of the magazine. You can gobble up some poignant tips on life in those pages. The format is very simple, conversational even. It’s assumed that you already understand where this person is coming from – whether they be an actor, politician, or civilian. Some are humorous, and some are tearjerkers. Mostly they follow the same pattern regarding commentary by the featured personality regarding the following topics: Sex, Death, Parenting, Faith, Aging, Power, Money.

The Charismatic Personal Brand: Be Discoverable

When I was about 10 years old I played on a baseball team. I was a shy kid (we all know that changed), but at the time I wasn’t confident enough in my ability. I complained to my Dad that none of the kids on the team even knew my name. I didn’t go to school with any of the kids, and felt like an outsider. I knew that I loved playing baseball, and my coach Mr. Hart was a great guy that encouraged me, and gave me more than ample opportunity to shine.