If You Wished Me a Happy Birthday on Facebook, This is a MUST READ: Birthday Wish Superlatives

Yesterday I received an amazing amount of warm Birthday wishes from friends via Facebook. So, as the week winds down, I’d like to hand out some Birthday Wish superlatives….because I can.

So here it goes:

1.    Most brownie points with me for mentioning “my girls” Tracey Wells Daly, Kay-Lynn Ryan Jacobellis, Tricia Casale Dessi,  Melissa Macksam Singlak
2.    Best “switch it up” wish – Angelo Notaro
3.    Funniest – Greg Roth, Joseph Carricato, Michele Berke
4.    Best non English Bday Wish – Brendan Sammon
5.    Best “all caps” bday wish three way tie – Holly Walters, Paola Floro, Michael Morlang
6.    Best “stroke of my ego” bday wishes: T.J. Gillespie, Joseph Madio, Deidre Daly Markowski
7.    Best use of” Chrissy” – Lauren Lucie Paccione
8.    Best “what the hell is he smoking” Bday wish – Kevin Reilly
9.    Best  “inside joke” Bday wish – Greg Roth, Celso Berison, Rachel Crognale, Alexis Katzowitz
10.    Most “girly” bday wish – Jennifer Lee
11.    Most “self-promoting” Bday wish – Lou Cardillo
12.    Best “Dessi nick-name” bday wish – Jennifer Cerami
13.    Best Bday song – Lisa Levy Margolis
14.    Most “unique” bday wish  – Michael Wolff
15.    Earliest, bday wish – Bill LaRosa
16.    Most creative way of working Mahopac into the bday wish- Mark Ribaudo
17.    Matt Walker gets his own superlative, for a combined WTF, Funny, random and silly all in one
18.    Most clueless Bday Wish Jason Hartelius
19.    Most conspicuously absent wishes – Pat Dessi, Adrian Dessi, Mark Dessi Laura Dessi (I’m watching you)…
20.    Most self serving bday wish ? My What I’ve learned” blog post

All winners get to buy me a beer the next time I see them. For everyone else, thanks for playing – better luck next year.

Seriously, thanks for sending me so much love everyone.

Over and out.