We have incredible clients at Silverback Social. One of those clients Bluerock energy are partners with the Brooklyn Nets.  A few weeks ago they offered my wife Laura and I free tickets to the game.  While at the game we had a small incident with a less than ethical bartender at the VIP bar the Vault.   I won’t get into the details of what transpired, but I will say that the manager was a huge help. After the incident I gave him my card and asked him to respond with the contact details of his boss. I sent this note today singing his praises.

We’ve never met, but I asked your employee for your email.  A few weeks ago my wife and I attended a Nets game. There was an unfortunate, and frankly – kind of silly situation with the bartender at the Vault. The details are not important. What is important is the professional manner in which Shaun handled himself.  He was polite, professional, calm and fair.  I was pissed off, and he calmed me down. He was impressive at every turn.  The bartender on the other hand was a knucklehead, but I let that go about 2 minutes after it happened.
I thought you should know what a great job Shaun is doing.  Have a great day!

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