Facebook, Twitter, You Name It. Social Media is “Happening” to your Brand – Whether You Like It or Not.

About a year ago I met with a luxury watch manufacturer that I love. I say I” love” them because I own one of their watches, and it holds huge sentimental value for me. I approached the company with the idea that if I could speak to the decision makers I would most certainly convince them that if it were done properly, they could leverage the awesome power of Facebook and Twitter to change the game of selling luxury watches. Connect with brand advocates like myself, I told them, and you’ll tap into a community that will do the marketing for you. Offer them the tools to communicate how much they love you, and they’ll have a field day.

Facebook Fan Pages: Why It’s Important For Fans to “Like” Your Brand

A Facebook fan page can be one of, if not the most important extension of your brand in the social media ecosystem. Facebook now has over 500 million people using it’s service. The reality of that number means that Facebook has created it’s own Internet within in the Internet. Some people log into their account in the morning, and keep that Facebook window open aChris Dessi look up Interactivell day.

Social Media: A Funny Little Story

This past Thanksgiving weekend was awesome. I was able to spend quality time with my daughter, hang with the rest of my family, and get things done around the house that I knew wouldn’t happen if I didn’t complete them this particular weekend (Christmas decorations aren’t as fun to put up as they can be to look at). Friday afternoon we were spent. We’d hosted Thanksgiving, and were still in recovery mode. As the evening came upon us: for the first time in a very long while my wife and I were momentarily at a loss for what to do. We decided to venture out to the local Borders store. As per usual I drifted into the business section. As a point of curiosity lately I like to spot any titles of “Crush It” by Gary Vaynerchuk while I’m in a book store. It still gives me a thrill that I know Gary personally, and his book is performing so well. And as per usual when my eyes start to tire after only reading the just in-fold of a few titles, I start to write down titles that interest me in my blackberry and commit to purchasing the audio book for my commute. As I write this, I’m on the train (probably the most productive 2 hrs of my day). While doing this with a new title, I overheard a conversation:

5 Killer Steps to Success in Social Media

Hey Brands: here’s a gift from me to you:gift Everything has changed!

If you have a business today, you must be engaged in social media, period. The barrier to entry is low, the engagement is swift, and the results can change your business for the better (if done properly).

Follow these 5 tips on how to engage in social media and you’ll be off to the races