Facebook Fan Pages: Why It’s Important For Fans to “Like” Your Brand

A Facebook fan page can be one of, if not the most important extension of your brand in the social media ecosystem.  Facebook now has over 500 million people using it’s service.  The reality of that number means that Facebook has created it’s own Internet within in the Internet.  Some people log into their account in the morning, and keep that Facebook window open aChris Dessi look up Interactivell day.

They send email via Facebook, they IM with their friends  and family via Facebook, and they read their news feed.

The Facebook news feed is the lifeblood of Facebook. It’s where people can be a voyeur and learn about their friends, or where they can post details that publish out to their friends and family.  The news-feed is why you NEED people to “like” your Facebook page.  Once they like your page, you’re a part of their every day routine.

When someone logs into Facebook in the morning, not only are they going to see what their friends are up to, they’re going to read about your exciting contest, funny trivia question, or quality content. They’re going to fully engage with you as a brand.

Be careful here however.  Now that they have “liked” your page and allowed you to be part of their everyday routine you need to tread lightly. Think of them when you post to your wall. Think about the frequency of your wall posts (Drive Action Digital recommends at most – 2-3 wall posts per day).  You’re an invited guest at their home. You wouldn’t start off a cocktail party by shouting at the top of your lungs how amazing you are. You’re going to mingle, ask questions, and engage.

So relax, have fun and offer value for your fans on Facebook. They’re reward you with loyalty and possible re-posting of your content to their friends.  You have a sea of people out there waiting to hear from you. Step up to the microphone and get to it.  The cheers are sure to come.