Fox News, Ernie Anastos, Facebook, & Me?

This past Wednesday I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

At 2pm I received a call from producer, Jason Hartelius at Fox. He was producing a story, and was interested in getting my opinion regarding social media – wow.  “Chris, can you be here by 6:30pm”…uhm, yes, of course.

Top three observations:

  1. Ernie Anastos is a class act, and a gentlemen.
    • He put me at ease, was genuine, and made me feel as if I was the only person in his universe.  It was humbling.  When he brought me into his office after the piece, I had to apologize and tell him that I was star struck, as I gawked at his Emmys, photos with Presidents, and memorabilia from his storied career.  He took the time to autograph his Children’s book for me.  Amazing
  2. The people at Fox are outstanding!
    • I laughed with the guys at the front desk, felt like I’d known producer, Jason Hartelius my whole life, and joked with another producer who quipped jokes to keep me loose before taping.
  3. Nick Gregory is awesome!
    • We exchanged pleasantries the first two times he walked by, and on the third time I mustered the courage to compliment  on what a great job he does with the Weather.  He was gracious, and thanked me.  Very cool.

Answers to the three most common questions this week:

  1. Yes, I was nervous (check out the sweat on my upper lip)
  2. No, I didn’t know the questions he was going to ask (just a general idea about the topic, and direction)
  3. Yes, I had on make-up – (that’s all I’ve got to say about that) :-)

Anyway, my 15 minutes of fame look like they’re all used up – not without getting some great exposure for Drive Action Digital!Our Founder Anthony Zarro and I were thrilled!