Are We Too Obsessed with Facebook?

Yesterday, Mashable posted a phenomenal info-graphic that I thought I’d share with you. What’s fascinating to me isn’t just the statistics about users who have profiles on Facebook. The more exciting information has to do with what we’re doing with Facebook, and just how ingrained into our society the site has become. I’ve mentioned in the past how exciting it is that there are 500million Facebook users globally, but the real key to why Facebook has such an astronomical valuation deals with the idea that of those 500 million 250million log in each day. Facebook has become as much of our daily lives as checking our email.

Social Media Brand Managers: 5 Things You Need to Know About New Facebook Profiles

Yesterday I read on Mashable that the new Facebook Profiles was launched. I immediately decided I would give it a try. I also noticed yesterday via my Facebook Newsfeed that our friends over at Likeable Media conducted an impromptu survey of their over 14k followers regarding the new profiles. It seemed that the majority of the comments were negative, and I’ll admit that I wasn’t surprised. Partially because every time Facebook rolls out a new release the Facebook faithful tend to grumble. But mostly I realize that most people think about how these changes effect themselves, and not how they effect the manner in which brands engage with their fans on Facebook. Obviously the Facebook team is trying to enhance the user experience, and I think they accomplish that with new Facebook Profiles, but the real story here, in my opinion is what the new Facebook Profiles does for brands engaging in Facebook.

Personal Branding Facebook Fail

Last week I “liked” a network news Facebook page. Very soon afterward, I received what seemed to be an auto generated email via Facebook from “Joey”. He was pleasant, engaging and fully transparent that he was working with a weatherman at this network. He asked that since I had recently liked the network page, if I could “like” weather man’s page. I thought this is fantastic, someone that “gets it”. personal branding drive action digital chris dessi So I went for it. Why not, this was a great way to get fans to engage with the weatherman – I was already a fan of the network, so why not?

Fox News, Family, Friends & Facebook Made My Day

esterday was perhaps the best work day I’ve had in my entire career. I started the day at the office with my business partner, and founder of Drive Action Digital, Anthony Zarro. We had just recieved our new laptops in the mail. Like two little kids on Christmas morning, we busily set up our laptops, and started to get our desks in order. After working for a few hours, we headed down to the city together to meet with one of our most exciting clients – Lifesta. I’m going to tell you more about Lifesta soon enough, but you should know this – they are going to be huge. They’re changing the game of online couponing as we know it. Stay tuned for more! Finally, yesterday evening I was lucky enough to appear again on Fox TV. I was asked to come in to chat about Facebook’s new messaging platform. We chatted, and had a great time. It’s funny that I had no idea we were broadcasting live. In hindesight, it’s better that I didn’t know, I think I would have been more nervous!

Fox News, Ernie Anastos, Facebook, & Me?

his past Wednesday I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

At 2pm I received a call from producer, Jason Hartelius at Fox. He was producing a story, and was interested in getting my opinion regarding social media – wow. “Chris, can you be here by 6:30pm”…uhm, yes, of course.

The Facebook Newsfeed Advantage: The Seven Steps of Facebook Marketing That Fuel Success and Performance in Social Media

The perfect storm of social media engagement entails having an appropriate brand presence on Facebook. There’s no way to avoid 500million active users. So before we delve into our seven steps, you must first take the plunge and create a Facebook Page for your brand.

Now that you have a page, and perhaps a few fans. What’s the next step?

Here are seven that will guide you to success: