Happy Mother’s Day to My Mother Pat Dessi

Mother’s Day just came to a close (phew).  After spending the day with my gorgeous wife, two beautiful little girls, and Mother & Father I felt it was appropriate to take a minute and acknowledge my amazing Mother. For those that know her, this post is a no brainer. Mom is truly amazing.  A colleague recently poked fun at my business partner and dear friend Anthony Zarro and Myself for being “Mamma’s boys”….we both embraced the term, and agreed that our admiration for our Mothers runs deep.  Maybe it’s an Italian thing, or maybe it’s a parent thing (when you finally become a parent you start to realize just how special these women are).  Personally I think the world is a better place with my Mother in it.

Growing up my Mother was the glue that held our family together. Today nothing has changed.  She is the center of my children’s universe.  When Talia learns that we’re going to see “Nanny” she can hardly contain herself. While I’m sure this reaction isn’t unusual in other homes, it may be for different reasons with my Mother. She’s not adored because the kids can get away with anything when they’re with her. She doesn’t dole out candy and money. She spends time with them. Her years as an educator, instead of making her a better person has only enhanced the joy she brings to this world. She has a knack with kids, for sure – however her talent lies in acknowledging these little people as just that. She listens to them, speaks to them as individuals, and SEES them. When my daughter’s interact with her, they’re truly getting her best self.  She pays attention.

Mom always said that you parent the way you were parented, however I’m not sure I agree here.  There is no way I could ever live up to the joy she brings.  She’s a light in a sometimes dark world. Also, she set me up with my wife, so there’s that. :-)

Mom is the living embodiment of class, integrity, poise and kindness.  Recently our family has been dealing with earth shattering news regarding my Father’s health. He has ALS  (Lou Gehrig’s disease). You will not, under any circumstances hear either of them complain. Dad is now moving from a walker, to finally ordering a wheel chair. This is all happening in the final year that my Mother is teaching. She retiring, preparing to spend more time with her family, and she’s dealing with my Father’s illness stoically.  She never breaks down. She stays in the moment. She embraces the joy in her life.  This is one unique human being. She is certainly more evolved then I know I could ever be, and she inspires me.  So there you have it.  I was always a “Mamma’s boy”….now I’m just a man admiring the class, poise and grace of a woman who remains the most amazing human being I have ever met. I love you Mom. Thank you for teaching me how to be a good parent by example, and thank you for being you.  You make the world a better place, for sure.

I honor  you Mommy.



Over and out.