An appropriate Facebook page may have a huge impact on your brand equity. It can also backfire in a horrible way.  Similarly Twitter chatter can propel  your brand to national accolades, or can potentially land you in the hot seat. Twitter party

Social Media allows you to reach out to your brand advocates in a way that no other media has ever provided in history.  However, if you don’t handle things appropriately, you run the risk of being criticized ridiculed and mocked.

A question that I hear often is “how do I engage in each ecosystem appropriately without coming off as too stiff, promotional, or (GASP)…fake?”

Here’s a quick shorthand:

Twitter: Imagine a party where most of the attendees are your work friends, but there may be some friends and family there as well.

Facebook: Imagine a party where most of the attendees are your family members, but you’ve invited over some colleagues from the office

Both scenarios mean that you’re putting on  your best face. You’re polite, congenial, and social.  Both scenarios also offer different themes, interests, and direction for the social energy of the room.

On Twitter you may be able to get away with discussing the latest headline on Mashable and your followers will love it.

On Facebook you can show off photos of your nephew without anyone “de-friending you”

…you get the picture.